Bee Orchid

Common name:
Bee Orchid
Ophrys apifera
Magairlín na mbeach
Orchidaceae- The Orchid Family
Flowering period:
June to July
Limestone grasslands, sandy banks
Conservation Status:

Short description:

Stout pale green stems support big flowers(15-20mm) with pink sepals and a broad velvety-brown labellum with golden-yellow markings.

Noteworthy characteristics:

With flowers mimicking the shape of a bumble bee this is a most stunning wild orchid, the first sighting of one will not be forgotten.

Uses and other points of interest:

There are no specific uses recorded for Bee Orchids in Ireland.

Personal note:

Pure joy! I love this wonderful orchid, it never fails to bring feelings of happiness year after year, I thoroughly recommend spending some quiet time staring into these smiling wonders

Conservation Status

Wildlife (NI) Order, 1985





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