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Dark green prickly leaves of the Holly tree can be seen throughout the Burren. Holly is one of the few evergreen trees that are native to Ireland


brightly coloured pink and orange fruits of the spindle trees are still visible in the Burren hedgerows long after its fiery red leaves have disappeared

Devil’s-bit scabious

Gorgeous  hemispheres of purple of flowers of Devil’s-bit scabious bring  welcome colour to the Burren landscape in late Summer through to the Autumnal  months.

Devils -bit scabious was highly regarded by our Irish ancestors for its medicinal properties. It was used in the treatment of a variety on conditions including, skin conditions,  fevers and coughs. Other uses included as an antidote to the bites of venomous beasts.

Scabious comes from the Latin  scabies meaning ’itch’ referring to the use of this plant to cure skin diseases.

Bloody crane’s-bill

Bloody crane’s-bill in full bloom throughout the Burren landscape. This highly attractive wild geranium is considered to be of Mediterranean distribution outside of Ireland and Britain.  Flowering throughout the Summer months, this spectacular plant is one of the many famed wild plants of the Burren, Co Clare.

Burnet Rose

Immerse yourself in the beautiful scent of wild Burnet rose in full bloom throughout the Burren at present. This delicate wild Irish rose is a delight to the senses. Sometimes flushed with baby pink, even full pink variations can be found.

Early Purple Orchid

Early Purple orchid (pale pink variety), the first of many beautiful wild orchids to bloom in the Burren, catch it now before it disappears until next year!.

Wood Anemone

Delightful woodland flowers adorned the ground beneath the hazel woodlands of the Burren, Co Clare during Spring time.


Colt’s Foot

Lesser Celandine

Lesser Celandine in full bloom in the Burren, bringing much needed little bursts of sunshine to our lives, reminding us that Spring is here and of all the many beautiful blooms to come…