Welcome to the Burrenbotanist website

Hello, my name is Sinéad Keane, I am a botanist and  herbalist from Co Clare. This website is a celebration of the wild flowers of the Burren and the Aran Islands. It is designed to highlight the beauty of these native wild flowers in their natural environment. Appreciating the beauty of our wild plants  leads to a better understanding of the need for their conservation in terms of biodiversity and  for future generations.

I love this limestone landscape, there is no other place that I would rather spend my days.        The magical array of wild flowers of the Burren are a constant source of inspiration and joy for me.

The incredible and ever changing light of the Burren provides a unique environment to observe native Irish wildflowers throughout the seasons.

Wildplant of the Month

Dense Flowered Orchid

Beautiful tiny greenish white flowers of the elusive Dense flowered orchid in the Burren, Co Clare... continue >>

Botany of the Burren & the Aran Islands

The Learning Zone

Learning in the outdoors is key to our style of teaching. Nature stimulates and inspires, opening creative pathways to a better understanding of ourselves and the living world around us.

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Wild Plants in Brief

This database of wildflowers of the Burren and the Aran Islands was funded by the NPWS small recorders grant. Plants are listed in alphabetical order by their Latin names. Brief information on each plant listed includes English name, Irish name, location, and conservation status.