Plant Recipes of the Burren Ireland

Wild Plant Recipes

Making drinks and other medicinal produce like tinctures, creams, oils from wild plants is something I enjoy and try to do a few times a year.    A little planning and setting aside time is a must.  I like to start the year off by making nettle top spring tonic, something my father used to make for us as children (he made it so strong and green I can remembering holding my nose while glugging it back ☺︎).

My advise to anyone wishing to make something from wild plants is to  start small, make one product, something you would enjoy and use.

Firstly know your plant identification, don’t over pick  and be aware that although we as Irish people did rely on plants to sustain us in the past, there were a lot more wild places and wild plants available back then.  Only gather wild plants in places where you know that there has not been any chemical spraying. Of course any picking or gathering of  wild plants from the Burren is discouraged.

But  most of all, have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labours and many health benefits with family and friends .

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